Considered development.

No two projects are the same and I take a pragmatic approach to each job I take on, focussing on delivering work that is as accessible and optimised as possible.

More than a decade of experience building complex interfaces means that I'm happy to deliver anything from single-page apps to scaleable design systems. I can help you identify the most appropriate technology for your project and, whilst I love a good framework, you can be sure that I will never use tech for tech's sake.

Code Choreography.

I sweat the little details that bring a design to life. But, whether it's full-on WebGL or a UI interaction, animation isn’t just about looking cool - Good interaction design grounds an interface with a sense of space and logic.

I combine nuanced timing and motion with a deep understanding of browser rendering to deliver logical interactions that are both full of character and outrageously smooth.

Server-side is my jam(stack).

Beyond front-end development, I'm a JAMstack specialist. Cloud CMS platforms, lambda functions, site-generators - Whatever your requirements, I'm happy to help you plan, build and deliver a JAMstack project that's fast, secure and reliable.

If JAMstack isn't your thing, I'm equally at home developing for other server-side technologies. If you need help putting together an application or API with Node.js and Express, or Go with PostgresSQL, then I've got your back.

Let's build something better.

I strongly believe that designers and developers have a responsibility to make sure that what we are building does no harm and I try to be as ethical as I can in taking on projects.

If your organisation represents online gambling, payday loans, big tobacco, or mines and monetises personal data, then I am probably not the best fit for your project.

But, if you are looking for help building something that promotes sustainability, diversity, or generally aims to make a positive impact, then let’s talk.

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