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Here you'll find my collected writing on topics ranging from coding and the web industry, to linguistics and natural language processing. Want to chat about anything I've written? Drop me an email or say hi on Twitter.

Jul 08 2021

Getting started with Go

Golang is a fun, fast and powerful language...but it can seem a bit weird on the surface. If you are curious about the language but don't know where to start, this post is for you.

Dec 31 2020

The year that was(n't)

2020 has been a tough year. In the spirit of reviving this blog I felt that writing a little more introspectively about the year-that-was might help me to make sense of the chaos.

May 26 2020

Introducing Rekishi

Becoming frustrated with gaps in the history api, I built Rekishi, a minimal pubsub wrapper to watch for URL changes.

Apr 18 2020

How to name your agency with NLP

An introduction to some of the basic concepts behind Natural Language Processing, and how they can be put to use.

Feb 10 2020

Synthwave '84 has changed

Neon Dreams is a new release of Synthwave '84 that takes a different approach to enabling the glow than before.

Jan 22 2020

Launch day

After several years in the wilderness, I have a new website. This post gives a little background on the twists and turns along the path to launch - from the tech choices to the design.

May 09 2019

Synthwave '84

A retrospective on Synthwave '84, retro-themed colour scheme for Visual Studio Code and accidental viral sensation.

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